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    b2b web development

    A corporate website is generally the first and most important step in digital transformation. We provide end-to-end web development for business and enterprises. We make a feature packed website with custom features and modules specific to businesses that actually unlocks new possibilities, enables expansion and does not look like an afterthought. We help you create a custom module that adapts and improves your current sales funnel, adheres to the highest security standard and follows the legislative requirements of your business.

    Custom CRM Software

    Business in the digital age is complex. You know that’s why you are here, right? Business is not about sheer sales volume and margins of profits anymore. You cannot treat every customer in the same way. You have to understand your customers better, you have to know their value and identify their loyalty to the brand, and you have to match it with the sales figures and profits. And these are the things which are almost impossible to manage without a properly planned CRM software. So, let’s combine your business insights and our technical skills to make your sales department much more efficient.


    For an enterprise with services, lot of manpower, SKU, multiple stores, location, warehouses, multiple suppliers, logistics, sales and distribution. A business of such scale cannot be managed without an ERP software. However, building an efficient and intuitive ERP system with such a large and complex database and with so many features and functionalities is a challenge in itself. But with your business experience and domain expertise, combined with our technical expertise and decades of experience in complex software architecture we can make day to day management of your huge business into a smooth sailing ride.

    business Intelligence system

    BIS Business Intelligence System or sometimes known as Business Information system is a game changer for scaling, expanding and better managing your business resources. With the help of powerful big data and AI techniques, we can churn huge external data and your internal database and comes up with beautiful visual representation with comprehensive insights that support in making decisions like cost cutting, reducing waste, product innovation, marketing insights, manpower planning, pricing, sales forecasting, financial health and more.

    Together we can build a robust BIS solution that understands the data and come up with accurate insights that presents new paradigms, shows new opportunities, helps in identifying issues or any cracks in current operations, and supports in taking crucial decisions backed by concrete data.

    Industry Automation

    The toughest and most unique aspect of any business is to automate your manufacturing. It helps in creating a more efficient production process that helps in maximizing the production capacity, increases the manufacturing speed, reduces the quality control issue and significantly reduces the overheads. Transforming the manual process to a computer automated process is quite complex, every process presents new hardware and software related challenges. We have got the know-how of working industrial IoT applications, along with experience in training the AI model to achieve accuracy.

    Chatbots and Customer Support

    Intelligent AI bots and automation in customer support is one of the latest trends among enterprises. Chatbot has potential to improve customer experience and also reduce the cost of after sales service in some cases up to 50%. Though it is very difficult to train the AI bot to understand the user’s query and always provide accurate and meaningful responses. But we can help in developing a smart self-learning bot that is very effective in understanding the user queries and matching with appropriate responses that get better and better with usage. We can integrate other services to provide some advanced functionalities like creating the complaint ticket, taking payment, customized promotions offer, integration with other popular chat apps like WhatsApp, telegram or RCS.


    Data is the most precious asset for a large organization, and it has to be made sure it is organized well, optimized, and secured from potential risks from hacking and viruses, plus it should be easy to access and retrieve whenever and wherever needed. We can help you create a solid database architecture which ensures the flow of incoming data, security, access and retrieval seamlessly.

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