Robust eCommerce Development

Super Speedy, Secure, and Scalable eCommerce Platform that is just made to grow your business to a whole new height.

    Popular eCommerce Platforms

    Magento Development

    Magento is great for medium and large-scale eCommerce stores because of its powerful inbuilt functionalities.

    Why Magento?

    • Easy to Scale and Grow
    • Multi-Vendor and Multi-Store Support
    • Great Performance
    • Robust Set of Features are available out of the box
    • Very Secure
    • Most SEO friendly Platform
    • Mobile Friendly
    • PCI Compliant
    • Seamless 3rd Party Integrations

    Shopify Development

    Shopify is great for small and medium sized eCommerce development for its ease of use and development speed.

    Why Shopify?

    • Very Fast Out of The Box
    • Beautiful and Elegant Themes
    • PCI Compliant
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Decent App Support
    • Low Maintenance Cost
    • Hosted Platform
    • Super Secure

    Bespoke eCommerce Development

    To implement complex functionality, advanced security features, we build custom eCommerce site build specific business requirement.

    Why Bespoke?

    • Complex functionality
    • Advanced Integration
    • Business Specific Requirement
    • Advanced Security Options
    • More flexibility
    • Best performance
    • Complex UX Design

    we also work on these ecommerce frameworks

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    eCommerce Consulting

    We provide you end-to-end consulting service from planning, to choosing the right tools, development, deployment, testing, launching, marketing and scaling your eCommerce business.

    eCommerce UI Design

    If you want a modern, minimal and cool looking mobile responsive eCommerce store design, along with your branding elements. We are here to help.

    eCommerce Store Development

    We can help you create scalable, feature rich b2b or b2c eCommerce store that provides the best possible user experience and ease of use to your customers. With an easy management dashboard.

    Plugins & Extensions Development

    We can help you create easily excitable, seamless working plugins and extensions for Magento, Shopify or WordPress with which your services can reach millions of merchants online.

    Custom Modules Development

    If your business has a specific need and the features are not available out of the box, you don’t need to compromise on your ideas. We can help you create a custom solution for your specific need.

    Custom Theme Development

    If you want to create a custom theme for your specific business or you want to create a feature rich general purpose theme, we have the resources to implement it for all the major eCommerce platforms

    3rd Party Integration

    If you want to add 3rd Party functionalities for payment, shipping, email, tracking, advertising, blogging or any other features. Let us know, we have got you covered.

    eCommerce Migration

    If you want to change the ecommerce platform, or if you want to upgrade the version of your old eCommerce store, if you want to change the server or you want to move to the cloud. Just let us know.

    Support & Maintenance

    To make sure your site runs smooth and seamless you need active maintenance, we will make sure everything runs optimally, and your users get bug free experience.

    Unlike B2C eCommerce the B2B is not about impulsive buying, instead it is about ease of use, ease of ordering, automation. With features like bulk buy quotation, saved orders, credit limit and management, user group pricing, quantity-based pricing, customers dashboard, easy admin panel can make managing your business and customers unimaginably simpler. And on top of that features like seller defined rules for quotation in, inquiry credits in multi-vendor b2b marketplace.
    With our beautiful eCommerce store design, proper branding, easy navigation, quick and simple checkout, your customers are bound to remember your brand and return to your site. Plus, with advanced behavior tracking, email integrations, promotions and coupons you can reach your customers on the right time with the right offer.
    Build Your eCommerce Site
    Essential eCommerce Modules
    Inventory Management System

    Add new SKUs, manage stock units, restock, add variants like colors, size, materials, manage pricing, estimated delivery. You can also integrate your existing ERP or central database as well.

    Payment Methods & Gateways

    Add popular payment methods, options for quick checkout, integration of 3rd party payment gateway, custom payment gateway, flexible payment options, integration of EMI and Pay Later options and more.

    Order & Shipment Management

    Manage incoming orders, processing orders, order confirmation notification, shipping orders, manage cancellations, Real-time order tracking, estimated delivery dates. It also includes 3rd party integration with popular shipping services.

    Return & Refund Management

    Manage cancellation, product and category-based rules for cancellation, returns and exchange, auto return and refund management, refund options, partial return or refund in multi-product orders.

    CMS Integration

    A lot of eCommerce business especially a niche focused eCommerce like to integrate CMS systems like WordPress to easily manage and publish content related to their product and niche.

    ERP / CRM Integration

    You can integrate your ERP or CRM systems like SAP, ODOO, Salesforce, HubSpot, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamic, or any other system that you use to easily manage the data across different platforms.

    Coupons & Promo Codes

    Generate and manage a variety of coupons and promo code general coupons for all users, coupons for specific categories, specific product, specific user group or specific users.

    Membership & Subscription

    Membership and Subscription module includes features like auto-payment, multiple membership, feature access based on membership, benefits based on subscription tire. Free trial options and much more.

    Advanced Search & Filters

    A site with hundreds and thousands of products needs a lightning-fast search and filter feature for pleasant navigation. It must be adaptive with auto-complete suggestions, recent search history and past orders.

    Email Integration

    Emails is the medium with highest conversion rates, an automated email list, pre-build templates, auto-scheduling, dynamic email campaigns all are the most effective tools for every successful ecommerce business.

    Loyalty Program Module

    Rewards points, special discounts for repeat purchases, referral bonus, special promo code, lucky draws, big order discount, and so much more you can do with a special loyalty program module.

    Chatbots and Live Chat

    Providing the quick answer to the customer's queries almost guarantees a sale. Hence a Chatbot or at least live chat feature in your eCommerce website will make a great impact on sales and revenue.

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    ON-demand resources

    One of the most flexible and affordable models where you can add or reduce resources based on your need

    Fixed Price Model

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    You can also get a dedicated resource to work exclusively on your project, which gives maximum control in your hand