Full Stack Web Development

High performing, super secured, and scalable web solutions made for your specific business.

    UI/UX Design

    Your website design is the first thing your users see. The first interaction creates a lasting image of your brand in the mind of your customers. Our web design reflects your brand image in each element from colors to each corner and curves.

    Mockups To HTML

    If you have designed a creative or complex designs using Figma, Photoshop, XD or any other design tools we can help you convert it to high performance, mobile responsive html.

    B2B Web Development

    We create professional looking, utilitarian websites, web portals and dashboards that make managing your business easier than you can imagine. We can develop custom solutions for every business problem.

    B2C Web Development

    We can help you create a robust website that can help you showcase your products and services, connect with your customers easily, answer their queries or easily upload and sell your products online without the need of any manual interventions.

    Web App Development

    You can create a highly interactive powerful web experience for your customers with the help of a custom web app, Powerful SaaS applications, or converting your websites into Progressive Web Apps (PWA).

    API Development & Integration

    We will help you make a super secure, lightweight, easy to use API to extend the functionality of a website or web app without affecting the performance. We can also help you integrate any 3rd party service to your website using their APIs.

    Database and Server Architecture

    With advancement in web development technologies and to manage the complexity of the modern database we provide you a secure, scalable and easy to maintain backend architecture based on Microservices or MVC architecture.

    Performance Optimization

    If your website or web app is running slow, or taking up too many resources, not working well on mobile devices, we can help you troubleshoot the root cause of the issue and design the best plan of action to optimize the performance of your website.

    Search engine optimization

    We understand how important it is to make your website reach to the right users who are looking for the services you want, we have a dedicated team of SEO experts who can help you make your website more relevant to your users.

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    Full-Stack Web Development

    Full-Stack Java Web Development

    You can create a very powerful, scalable and super secure enterprise grade website and web apps using java spring framework in the backend and Angular in the frontend, it is one of the most popular choices of stack in modern times. For databases we can use either a sequential database like MySQL or Non-sequential database like MongoDB.

    Full-Stack JavaScript Development

    JavaScript is the most popular language of the web, and when you can use JavaScript in every aspect of your web development it is just a magical experience. It brings a completely unique paradigm to your project development approach compared to other traditional languages. Combining the JS based technologies including awesome front-end like frameworks React.js or Angular.js and backend powered by Node and Express.JS Non-Blocking I/O model, along with the power of NoSQL database like MongoDB, you can create websites that run at the speed of light.

    Full-Stack PHP Web Development

    PHP is a popular web development language because of its powerful frameworks, easy to use syntax, and huge feature-rich libraries. We work on two of the most popular PHP frameworks namely Laravel and CodeIgniter, with MySQL as database solution. Along with that we use the core frontend technologies like JavaScript (ES6), HTML5 and Bootstrap to create modern, intuitive websites and web applications.

    Our Engagement model

    ON-demand resources

    One of the most flexible and affordable model where you can add or reduce resources based on your need

    Fixed Price Model

    If you have a project with predefined tasks, resource requirement and deadline, then this model is right for you

    Dedicated Resource

    You can also get a dedicated resource to work exclusively on your project, which gives maximum control in your hand