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Hiring the right Android developer and proper planning for developing robust Android apps is way more difficult now than ever before.

Android is arguably one of the fastest evolving operating systems in the world, in the last couple of years we have seen a complete overhaul of the OS. From introduction of all new gesture navigation to a more recent change with new Material You design language introduced with Android 12. There has been huge change in terms of security, notifications, and general designs and navigation of Android Apps. On top of that there are almost 2.5 billion android users each with different versions of android, different OEM skins, screen sizes. Amidst all these complexities you need a group of Android developers who are trained, updated and experienced with all the latest trends in Android development.

Apart from that there have been huge advancements in the development community as well. The new programming language Kotlin is becoming more dominant for Android developments. The new cross platform and hybrid technologies like Flutter and React are getting more popular as well.

We can make your Android App Development easy. We can provide you access to a team of highly skilled, trained and experienced developers. You can screen them, you can interview them, you can talk with them, and you can try them on real projects. And once you are completely satisfied you can Hire the android developer to develop or upgrade your app.

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    Quality Service is Our First Priority

    We provide you the perfect android developer to build an app on the latest and greatest technologies

    Mobile technology evolves really fast, new and more powerful tools and techniques being introduced every year with updates in OS. But it takes a lot of time for developers to learn and implement the new technologies. We ensure that our developers are always trained and updated to use all these new tools to create a powerful future-proof app that is surely ahead of its time.

    At Azguards, we have a solid roster of Android developers, all our full-time developers have at least 4 years of experience. All of our developers have a proven experience of working on Large-scale apps, they are proficient in all the tools and skills a good Android app developer needs. And they are trained in a way that each of our developers will catch up to new technologies faster than their counterparts in any other agencies.

    The Economics of building an app is very complicated, you try to get a cheap resource and you end up with a subpar app or in the worst case your app never gets completed, you hire an experienced seasoned developer, your cost increases significantly, your project manager is not efficient, and your budget goes out of hand. We made this very simple with our flexible hiring models so you will only have to pay for the resources you actually need.

    At Azguards, we give the highest priority to transparency and honesty. Our contracts are transparent and legally binding. We adhere to all the legal requirements of projects, maintain strict confidentiality with regards to sensitive information of client’s business and comply with data protection laws including GDPR and CCPA. Timely reports of each developer and their activity are provided regularly.

    The best thing about hiring an android developer from Azguards is that you get more than just coding experience, our team has worked with and for some of the biggest companies around the world. And led teams and projects for large multinational companies. So, we know the android ecosystem and industry trends from top to the bottom.

    Azguards has a versatile pool of talent, and we provide the best customer service. Apart from Android apps we have iOS developers, Hybrid app developers, Web developers, eCommerce experts, and Marketing experts. So, we guarantee you if you choose us today, we will be your go to agency in all your future projects as well.

    We make android apps for

    Android App for Phone

    Robust Android application perfectly compatible with all the major versions of the OS.

    Android App for Tablet

    If you need an app that is made for tablet first then we can help you develop it

    App for Smartwatch

    We can help you build an battery efficient architecture based for smart wearOS devices

    Android App for Foldable

    Foldable devices are future of Mobile technology, adaptive UI makes your app future proof

    App for Android TV

    We can help you leverage the growing market of 110M Android TV users with a robust app

    App for Smartwatch

    Robust Android application perfectly compatible with all the major versions of the OS.

    We have Mobile app experts for

    Android App

    Our mobile app designers are known for designing beautiful, modern, and minimalistic designs that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use and interact

    Android App

    Hiring our experienced Android developers will make sure your mobile app is fully optimized, packed with latest android features, and free from any major bugs.

    App Upgrade &

    Every year a new version of Android brings out new features that affect a lot of apps to a different degree. Hire our android developer to maintain the seamless experience of your apps.

    Web To Android
    App Conversion

    If you want to port your website into an android app, or you want to build a new app with a common database we can help you build that.

    iOS to Android
    App Porting

    If you have an already successful iOS app, our android can help you build similar or even better apps for Android as well.

    Compliance & App Compitability

    Developing an app is one thing and getting it on playstore is a different challenge, the policies and regulations can get overwhelming, so if you are stuck no worries we can help

    Discuss Your Project With Our Android App Developer

    Staying Ahead Of The Curve

    Hiring Our Android Developer will make sure that your app has all the latest and greatest features android has to offer like

    One Click SignUp

    Google latest API that lets user's sign-up to an app in single click.

    Material You Design

    Your app could use the modern adaptive colors and automatic themed icons

    Material You Widgets

    Android 12 introduced beautiful, lively, dynamic themed widget design.

    Adaptive UI

    For Foldable phones you need to develop an app UI that dynamically adapts, and switches based on screen size.

    Instant Apps

    Not many apps support this awesome feature, but you can increase trust and confidence of users by giving them this option.

    Easy Onbording

    Hiring a Dedicated Android Developer from Azguards is really simple

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    Usually, they don't! Android developer are mostly frontend developers, and they don't write the backend logic. Their job is to implement the UI features, frontend logic, and integrating your backend system through API.

    However, if you want if you want backend developer or full-stack developer, we can help you with that as well.

    We have android developers who are experienced in both Java and Kotlin programming language. Now you can choose any of the two language you want for the development.

    Apart from that we also have resources for hybrid apps technologies like React Native and Flutter.

    The cost of Android app development can vary based on numerous factors, size and scale of the project, complexity and contract length. 

    Well, you can set-up a meeting with our android app developer, tell them your basic requirement and they will be able to give you an accurate estimate of cost of developing that Android application.

    We have a very flexible pricing models for hiring android developers, we offer 3 models:


    Dedicated Android Developer

    In this model the developer will work dedicatedly and exclusively on your project during the contracted period.

    Time and Material Model

    If you choose this, you will have to pay only for the number of hours a developer works on your project.

    Fixed Cost Model

    We will come to agreement to build an android app with pre-determined features and fixed price before starting the application.

    Yes, you certainly can! You can hire our developer for a short-term contract on hourly basis

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