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iOS is undoubtedly one of the most popular OS out there. There are millions of apps in the store, so you will need to give a strong reason why a user needs to use your app. You will need to hire an iOS developer who is capable of living up to your users’ expectations. 

Traditionally iOS used to be known for its simplicity and stability, not much used to change often. Whereas Android used to be the one that that brought new innovative features often. But in the last couple of years the trend is reversing, we have seen huge changes and new features in last few versions of iOS, like the introduction of facial biometrics, first the separation of iOS and iPad OS, the increased focus on AI and ML, the increase in use of AR applications, and some of the recent changes like introduction of Widgets, Login with Apple these trends significantly impact the to the iOS app development trends.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad hardware are the most powerful mobile hardware out there. The powerful chip is capable of handling complex AI, ML based computation, the powerful camera with advanced LiDAR Sensors. You will need to hire an iOS developer who can utilize these advanced hardware technologies to make your app truly top of the line.

We at Azguards can provide you with an experienced resource for iOS development that will allow you to use the latest and greatest tools of iOS development and build a truly world class app for iPhone, iPads, Apple TV or Apple Watch.

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    We provide you the perfect iOS developer to build an app on the latest and greatest technologies

    Unlike previous generations, in the last 3 years we are seeing some huge year over year changes in iOS and iPhone hardware. After introducing the powerful A13 Bionic chip, we have seen year over year generational leap in advanced technologies like AR, AI, ML, Voice and Image Recognition. However, there are very few agencies like Aagards where you will find resources who are trained and skilled to use these next gen technologies in iOS development.

    Aagards has a very experienced roster of iOS app designers, developers and quality testers. Our team has experience of working on a large-scale application and complex problems, plenty of API calls, unique navigation and app designs. Our team has experience of working with projects of different scale for different industries and for clients around the world.

    Having an iOS developer with just the coding knowledge might not get your app to the app store. Apple has very strict rules and guidelines that every app has to follow and needs to pass the security and functionality test in order to list it on the store. Our experienced iOS developers are well aware of these rules and will guide you from development till final deployment.

    The Economics of building an app is very complicated, you try to get a cheap resource and you end up with a subpar app or in the worst case your app never gets completed, you hire an experienced seasoned developer, your cost increases significantly, your project manager is not efficient, and your budget goes out of hand. We made this very simple with our flexible hiring models so you will only have to pay for the resources you actually need.

    The best thing about choosing Azguards is that with us you get more than coding experience, our team iOS app developers have the experience of working with and with some of the biggest companies around the world. And led teams and projects for large multinational companies. So, we know the technology and industry upside down.

    At Azguards we give the highest priority to transparency and honesty, we sign an NDA with each of our clients, we adhere to all the legal requirements of projects, your IP will say safe and secure in our hands, we provide a quick and timely report on the progress of your project and have already have robust project management system in place to effectively manage remote teams.

    We make apps for

    iPhone - iOS App

    Robust iOS app which looks and works perfectly on all the iPhones and every version of iOS.

    iPadOS First App

    The special kind of the apps that is made for iPad first or exclusively for powerful hardware of iPad.

    Apple Watch- WatchOS

    We can help you build a battery efficient with app for Apple Watch and WatchOS devices

    We have Mobile app experts for

    iOS App

    Our experienced iOS app designers are expert at making the minimal as well as most complex app adaptive designs for iPhone, iPas, and Apple Watches

    iOS App

    Our developers are known for their clear code, optimised performance and most recent features the OS has to offer.

    App Upgrade &

    Every year the new version of iOS brings a whole host of new features, security updates and hardware innovations, to provide the best experience almost all app needs keep up with the latest trend

    Web To iOS App

    If you want to port your website into an iOS app, or you want to build an iPhone or iPad app with a common database we can help you build that.

    Android to iOS
    App Porting

    If you have an already successful Android app, our hire our iOS developer to build similar or even better apps for iOS as well.

    Compliance & App Compitability

    Developing an app is one thing and getting it on Appstore is a different challenge, one had policies and regulations can get overwhelming, so if you are stuck no worries we can help

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    Staying Ahead Of The Curve

    Hiring Our iOS Developer will make sure that your app has all the latest and greatest features android has to offer like
    iOS Widgets

    Widgets are at the front and centre of iOS; we can help you create a beautiful iOS widget that gives live activities and updates on home screen as well as lock screen.

    Login with Apple

    Login with Apple ID option gives your users the quickest, easiest and most secure way of logging into your app, it adds a layer of privacy with the email relay tech and Face ID.

    Augmented Reality

    Thanks to Apple's innovation, AR seems to be the next big thing, with advanced cameras, Lidar Sensor, IR and other sensors along with powerful chips and advanced data processing you can implement great AR use cases for your app as well.

    Dynamic Island

    We use the apples activity kit and media kit to enable the latest and most intuitive feature of the latest iPhone Dynamic Island available for your app as well.

    App Clips

    App clips are awesome, it lets your customers perform a quick action instantly by scanning QR code or NFC tags without even installing your app.

    Apple Home

    We can help you create smart IoT devices and companion apps that are compatible with Apple Home which provides the most seamless experience across the apple’s ecosystem.

    Easy Onbording

    Hiring a Dedicated iOS and Swift Developers from Azguards is very quick and simple

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    Usually, they don't! iOS developer are mostly frontend developers, and they don't write the backend logic. Their job is to implement the UI features, frontend logic, and integrating your backend system through API.

    However, if you want if you want backend developer or full-stack developer, we can help you with that as well.

    Most of the developer at Azguards prefers to work on swift, it is more powerful, modern and cleaner. Plus, it has a great community support as well. However, we have a group of developers who have plenty of experience of working on Obj-C as well.

    Apart from that we also have resources for hybrid apps technologies like React Native and Flutter.

    The cost of iOS app development will vary based on numerous factors, size and scale of the project, complexity, design requirements, technology used and contract length. 

    Well, you can set-up a meeting with our iOS expert, tell them your basic requirement and they will be able to give you an accurate estimate of cost of developing your iOS, iPadOS or WatchOS app.

    We have a very flexible pricing models for hiring android developers, we offer 3 models:

    Dedicated iOS Developer

    In this model the developer will work dedicatedly and exclusively on your project during the contracted period.

    Time and Material Model

    If you choose this, you will have to pay only for the number of hours a developer works on your project.

    Fixed Cost Model

    We will come to agreement to build an android app with pre-determined features and fixed price before starting the application.

    Yes, you certainly can! You can hire our developer for a short-term contract on hourly basis

    Technically in terms of coding, they both are built using same architecture, same coding principles and using almost same tools. 


    But the difference in hardware, useability, and screen sizes make development process of both the app very different, the difference is going to get even bigger in the future version of the OS.


    Therefore, apple themself given a different name to OS of both the device category. OS for iPhone is called iOS, and OS for iPads are now known as iPadOS which has several features build specifically for the iPads.


    Though all our iOS developers are capable of making an app for both iPad and iOS as well as an app that adapts and works equally well on both.

    Yes, we can develop an app for Apple Watch.

    Mostly apps on Apple Watch are companion to the main app on iPhone or iPads. Whereas in some cases it is other way around.

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