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Hiring a NodeJS developer is a very critical decision. NodeJS is a very powerful JavaScript based program, it is lightweight and lightning fast which helps in creating best performing backend solutions. An experienced Node Developer can leverage the power of this awesome platform to create complex applications that help you achieve your business goals and saves a lot of money on scaling and maintenance.

You can create a state of the art application and software architecture using Node and its powerful frameworks like Express.JS, Sails.JS, Nest.JS, Meteor.JS, Socket.io for chat and many more in the backend, for that you will need a highly qualified and experienced NodeJS developer specialized in a particular technology with deeper understanding and years of hands-on knowledge.

With NodeJS you can create a streaming application like Netflix or Spotify, local delivery solutions like Doordash, real-time tracking for users, factory monitoring and automation, stock market and more, with a proper team of Node.JS developers the possibilities of Node.js application are endless.

At Azguards we have a pool of NodeJS specialists, with expertise in varied frameworks. You can talk with our seasoned developers with more than a decade of experience, you can have an interview with our talented and passionate developers, test their skills, check if they are capable and we will do a contract only after you are 100% content with your decision.

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    Talented Node.js Developers, Convenient Hiring models, Unmatched Client Support

    We have seasoned NodeJS developers with vast experience of working on small and large scale projects, working with popular brands and unique startups. Our battle hard Node developers are ready for any challenge you present in front of them.

    NodeJS is a very powerful and multi-purpose language, it is best known for its data transfer speeds and lightning fast applications. Our Node.JS experts uses the power of Node along with Express to create lightweight and powerful custom APIs, or they can help you create super secure server side application processing hundreds of queries in split seconds,we have used Node for IoT, Real-time data tracking, logistics, Fintech, Education, eCommerce and more.

    Every Node.JS project has a different level of complexity and needs different types of resources, hence, we are offering you the most flexible hiring model, so get the most effective resource at the least possible cost. Along with that you can scale up and down the resources based on your needs.

    We offer multiple pricing models based on the requirements which ranges from long term dedicated development contracts, fixed cost, and variable short term.

    At Azguards we give the highest priority to transparency and honesty. Our contracts are transparent and legally binding. We adhere to all the legal requirements of projects, maintain strict confidentiality with regards to sensitive information of client’s business and comply with data protection laws including GDPR and CCPA. Timely reports of each developer and their activity are provided regularly.

    The best thing about choosing Azguards is that with us you get more than just a Node developer who can code, our team has worked with and for some of the biggest companies around the world. And led teams and projects for large multinational companies. So we know the technology and industry upside down.

    hire a node.js expert for

    Server-Side App

    Node is one of the most popular options, our node js developer can help you create super fast server side apps like rendering the data, handling users requests, streaming data and more.


    Our Node.JS developers can help you create fast and scalable solutions using the microserver architecture by isolating functions into events using the power of non-blocking asynchronous nature of Node.

    Custom API
    & Integration

    Creating custom API is one of the fundamental skills of our Node.JS expert. Using Node and Express is the skills all our developers excel at, they can create high performing API which seamlessly works with your internal system or any 3rd party platforms.


    If you want to migrate your old backend to a more efficient and superfast Node, Mongo Architecture just reach out to one of our Node Experts and they will help you with seamless migration with minimum changes.


    One of the best use cases of Node is to create a real-time application like chat apps, streaming applications, data visualisation and more cloud-based collaborative productivity tools, we can provide you a Node developer with expertise in this domain.

    for Iot

    Node is the best choice for IoT applications. We can help you build a very responsive communication system that is tightly integrated with the hardware that makes for a bug free pleasant user experience.

    our expertise in node.js apps

    Chat Application

    Robust real-time messaging app, with file sharing, voice note, calls, groups and more

    Media Streaming

    Create feature rich media stream apps like Video OTT, Music, Podcast apps.

    Productivity Tools

    Real-time cloud-based collaboration tool like for documents, photos, task management, etc.

    FinTrade Platform

    Real-time Stock trading, Crypto wallets, NFT Platforms, Auction Platform.

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    Easy Onbording

    Hiring a Dedicated Node.js Developer from Azguards is really simple

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    I already have a team, could you provide us additional Node.js Developer?

    Our Node.JS developers have plenty of experience of working with offshore teams. If you choose the dedicated resource model our Node.js developer will work with your team just like any other inhouse developers, you have.

    What are your usual hourly charges for one Node Developer?

    It depends on various factors like complexity of the project, the length of contract, the skills and experience of the resource. Generally, our hourly rates range from $30 - $70. However, if you send us your requirements, we can give you a very accurate estimate on hourly rates and total development cost.

    What are your pricing models for hiring Node.js resources?

    At Azguards we have one of the most flexible engagement models you can get.

    There are 3 ways of how you can hire our node.js developer.


    Dedicated Resource Model: 

    Our Node Expert will work dedicatedly on your project for the contracted period, you will have complete control over the resources, and the development process. It is great for large-scale, and long-term projects.


    Time & Material Model: 

    This is the most popular engagement model among our clients. It suitable for both small and large scale. In this model you will only have to pay for the number of hours a developer works on your project. This is a very efficient model of engagement.


    Fixed Cost Model:

    If your project has a pre-defined requirements and fixed budget, then this is the right model for you. We will decide a fixed scope of work, estimated delivery dates and fixed development cost beforehand.

    Will I get to interview the resource before the contract?

    Yes, it goes without saying. Once you send us your requirement, we will analyze it and send you resumes of some of the most suitable developers for the given task. You can screen them and interview to make sure they if they are the right choice for your project.

    What if I am not satisfied with your Node.js developer?

    Well, in the rare case, if you are not satisfied with the work of our developers in terms of quality, communication or any other reasons, you can reach out to us any time. We will look into the situation and if needed we will assign a different resource for your project after your approval. 

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