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WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world. More than 40% of all the websites around the world are running on WordPress. It is an open-source platform with a massive community and large library of 3rd party plugin support. Hire right WordPress developers, you can build any kind of website you want using WordPress.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that adds the eCommerce functionality to a WordPress website. Around 12 million brands and merchants use WooCommerce as their choice of platform.

It is easy to set up a WordPress website or eCommerce store, many non-technical people can also set up a WordPress website for their business. But there will be a huge difference between that website and a professional website or commercial eCommerce sites created by an experienced WordPress developer.

Our developers have years of experience of working and mastering the platform, they have expertise in custom module development, theme development, plugins, mockups to dynamic WordPress templates and more. Our WooCommerce experts will make sure your eCommerce website is responsive, adaptive, quick to load, SEO optimized and secured against external threats.

A very small percentage of WordPress websites are optimized and passing the modern website requirements. hire our experienced WordPress or WooCommerce developers you will have a definitive edge over your competitors and will boost your brand value.

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    Quality Service is Our First Priority

    We are founded on the back of very talented developers and solid moral values

    Our WordPress developers have a proven track record of working with small and large scale businesses around the world. With experience ranging from 5 up to 15 years, we have the capacity of handling the most complex WordPress or WooCommerce Projects with a great ease.

    WordPress has numerous applications; it is used in every industry. Be it education, finance, entertainment, food, logistics, healthcare, B2B, B2C and you name it. WordPress has huge theme libraries, plugins libraries, plenty of 3rd party integrations. We have a team of WordPress developers where each has a unique expertise in these applications.

    Azguars and our founders are known for their extensive experience in the eCommerce domain, we have worked on eCommerce projects for some of the most popular brands around the world. We have an extensive experience in scalable eCommerce architectures, and core features like user management, inventory management, order management, payment implementation and eCommerce advertising.

    eCommerce design is our forty. We have designed a beautiful eCommerce interface, with easy-to-use navigation, simple yet creative presentation, awesome animations, and a very professional design language that is consistent with the brand identity and your brand messaging.

    No matter how good of a website we build, if it does not reach the right audience. Every WordPress website we build adheres to basic SEO principles like web vitals, semantic content, content hierarchy, optimized images, meta info. We make sure your site gives a good impression to search engines crawlers right from the start.

    At Azguards we give the highest priority to transparency and honesty. Our contracts are transparent and legally binding. We adhere to all the legal requirements of projects, maintain strict confidentiality with regards to sensitive information of client’s business and comply with data protection laws including GDPR and CCPA. Timely reports of each developer and their activity are provided regularly.

    WordPress is a huge open-source platform with numberless use cases. Each use case requires different skills, experience and expertise. Hence, we offer one of the most flexible pricing models that will help you get the most effective resources at least overall cost. Plus, you can easily scale up and down your team based on project needs.

    The best thing about choosing Azguards is that with us you get more than coding, you will get opportunity to hire experienced WordPress Developers who have worked with and for some of the biggest companies around the world. And led teams and projects for large multinational companies. So, we know the technology and industry upside down.

    Hire our wordpress developers for

    UI Designs and

    Hire our WordPress developers and they will take care of setup, configuring, design and development of your website or ecommerce store based on the exact specification you have given them

    WordPress Website

    Not just any stock configurator, we have experienced WordPress developers with advanced knowledge in PHP, JavaScript and CSS. They can do pretty much anything you ask for.

    WordPress Theme Development

    By hiring our WordPress developers, you can harness the potential of this open-source platform to create a purpose driven, feature stacked, well designed and optimized WordPress themes.

    WordPress Plugins Development

    We can provide you a solid WordPress developer to build a quality WordPress plugin so that your service that can potentially reach 40% of websites on the internet.

    3rd Party Integration

    You must already know how integrating 3rd party services and plugins can mess up your WordPress site, well you can simply eliminate that by hiring our WordPress expert for the task.

    Mockup to WordPress Conversion

    Our WordPress resources have the ability to convert your beautiful and creative yet complex PSD or Figma design file to dynamic, responsive WordPress templates with page builder support.

    WordPress Performance Optimization

    One of the common issues with most WordPress sites is slow loading speed and low web vital scores. Our WordPress developers can detect the cause and help you fix it.

    WordPress Migration

    If you have an old static website, built on HTML, CSS, JS and/or PHP. Or you have a website build using website builders like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. we can help you migrate it to the WordPress/WooCommerce.

    Updates & Maintenance

    If you are running the outdated version of WordPress or facing issues with website performance or loading speeds. You are encountering any crashes or bug due to any plugins. We can troubleshoot the cause and fix your site in no time.

    Our WooCommerce Expertise

    WooCommerce Setup & Config

    Setting up and configuring the WooCommerce plugin on WordPress website, optimizing it for maximum performance and bugs free experience.

    Cart & Checkout

    Optimized Checkout experience can have a huge impact on UX and Conversion rates, we can help you add or customize cart and checkout functionality for maximum results.

    Payment Integration

    Our experienced WooCommerce developers can help integrate almost any 3rd party payment gateway or any online or offline payment methods you want in your store.

    Inventory Management

    Adding SKUs, dynamic stock management, product variations, bulk upload, custom product details, integration with the central ERP system, you name it we will do it.

    Order Management

    We can help you implement robust order management with features like conforming orders, cancelling, return, refund, shipping and tracking all in one pace.

    Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    It is possible to create a robust multi-vendor store or marketplace using WooCommerce, and our experts have got plenty of experience in that domain.

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    Once you tell us your requirement our expert will try to match it with the best and most economical options for the given task, then we will share the resumes of those developers with you. You can screen the options and conduct the technical interviews as per your need and when you are 100% sure about their capabilities you hire that WordPress developer.

    Yes, of course you can hire our WordPress developers for a short term. We offer hourly pricing for the resources, so theoretically you can hire our WordPress expert for as low as one hour. You tell us your requirements and we identify the ideal resources for the task, they start working on your problem and you will have to pay only for the number of hours they have worked for.

    Definitely Yes! You can create a scalable multi-vendor store and marketplace using WordPress and WooCommerce, with all the essential features you find in modern marketplaces like eBay or Amazon.

    Sure, we can, for any project small, medium or large, if you have a fixed predefined requirement, we can give you the exact cost of development for your WordPress website.

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