How to share custom data on social network site !!!

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How to share custom data on social network site !!!

For Facebook share <a id=”ref_fb” href=”;p[title]=<?php echo $ftitle;?>&amp;p[summary]=<?php echo $fdescription;?>&amp;p[url]=<?php echo urlencode($fshare_url);?>&amp; p[images][0]=<?php echo $fimage_url;?>” onclick=”, ”, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,height=400,width=600’); return false;”>&nbsp;</a> For Twitter share <a id=”ref_tw” href=”<?php echo $ttitle; ?>+<?php echo urlencode($tshare_url);?>” onclick=”, ”, ‘menubar=no,toolbar=no,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,height=400,width=600’);return false;”>&nbsp;</a>   For Linkedin share <a

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How to validate email id using checkdnsrr() function in PHP

Are you tired of dummy email id’s being used on your website. Like, etc ? You can use PHP function checkdnsrr() It checks whether the dns value is valid or not. Only the email id with valid domain

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WordPress Custom Post Type Code Generator

Default Post Types There are five post types that are readily available to users or internally used by the WordPress installation by default : Post (Post Type: ‘post’) Page (Post Type: ‘page’) Attachment (Post Type: ‘attachment’) Revision (Post Type: ‘revision’)

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How to Create a Custom WordPress Widget

Add in function.php file in wp-content/twentytwelve Below Widget function. register_sidebar( array( ‘name’ => __( ‘widget name’, ‘twentytwelve’ ), ‘id’ => ‘widget id’, ‘description’ => __( ‘Appears on posts and pages except the optional Front Page template, which has its own widgets’,

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Validate Individual Form Field In Magento

Validating an individual form field in Magento is pretty easy. You can use the inbuilt Magento function named Validation.validate(). You can do this in two way 1) Call the function from the individual field 2) Call the function on some

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